Farm products: The Ecuadorian territory has a wide diversity of climates considered suitable for the cultivation of multiple products. It has an extensive agricultural area that favors the sustainable development of communities that work in agriculture. Ecuador is considered one of the largest banana and cocoa producers in the world. Currently the incentive to value-added production has allowed us to count on a great variety of products with export quality.

Organic products: Organic and sustainable production in Ecuador has been increasing in recent years, most organic production focuses on non-traditional products of high quality, which allows us to be very competitive in foreign markets where more and more Common to see large supermarket chains extend their spaces to promote organic products made in Ecuador.

Aquaculture products: Ecuador has unique environmental conditions, which have allowed it to position itself as one of the best producers in this sector. Its most outstanding products are high quality tuna and shrimp for export. In fact, according to official data, we have the second largest fishing and tuna fishing industry in America.

Handmade products: The Ecuadorian handicraft stands out worldwide for its diversity, because in all corners of Ecuador there are craftsmen specialized in different creations. Our crafts are also recognized for their originality, unique materials, tradition and quality in the manufacture. The most used materials are: straw, leather, tagua, ceramics, wood, gold and silver.