About us

EQ Commerce, is a company that promotes the export of Ecuadorian agricultural, organic, aquacultural and artisanal products to the rest of the world.

To this end, EQ Commerce forms a chain of producers, qualifies them and thus ensures that they comply with the environmental and quality standards required for the safety of our customers from anywhere in the world.

At the same time EQ Commerce qualifies prospective buyers and thus offers payment guarantees to producers.

We are a commercial showcase that allows Ecuadorian producers to increase their sales to international markets, and the rest of the world offers the opportunity to purchase well-made products in Ecuador with quality guarantee on their production processes.

Businessmen from all over the world have seen a great business opportunity with Ecuador because of the variety and quality in the products that are given here. The geographic location and the diversity of climates we have are decisive factors when competing with a quality product.

Proudly, from Ecuador to the World…

Productos de Ecuador